Tuesday, June 18, 2013

her precious eyes!

team cute!

Lilah had another appointment with her ophthalmologist last Friday.

She was given a new prescription during her last visit, 3 months ago, for her glasses. Lilah has a prescription for both astigmatism and myopia (shortsightedness). The new prescription she was given was slightly stronger for the myopia. And the good news, is that now with the stronger prescription, the Dr. says she is able to read another line of letters, that she couldn't previously read with her old prescription! Yippee!

The Ophthalmologist is also keeping a close check on her, which is why we are having visits every 3 months. The reason behind all the visits is because sometimes when there is a heavier prescription for one eye and the lens is doing the work for that eye, the brain shuts down for the other eye and thinks it shouldn't have to work so hard. Not too sure how it all works? Anyway, they are making sure that doesn't happen.

So thankful for the amazing Children's Hospital, yet again! The doctors there, they really are the best.


  1. She does look very cute in those glasses!

    That is exactly what our Lilah's eye did, where the brain shut down for the other eye and wasn't using it at all. It is amazing how fast that can change! We are so lucky to live in this great country with great health care.

  2. She is adorable!! It sounds like you have a wonderful Children's Hospital (so great!).

  3. So nice to hear that those beautiful eyes of hers are getting such good care. I love this shot if your cute Lilah in her fab pink specs!

    Gin =)