Tuesday, June 4, 2013

sisters reunited

Lilah's meimei, Phebe, had heart surgery last Thursday.

We were advised against bringing Lilah into the Intensive Care Unit to see Phebe,
due to the amount of tubes/wires/lines that she had in her little body.

So it was day two before Phebe made it out of the ICU and Lilah got to see her little sister.
I can tell you here and now, when Phebe set eyes on her big sister Lilah, it was the first time we saw her grin, since before surgery.

Colin and I struggled to keep it together, watching them.
We both had tears in our eyes seeing them reunited, seeing the love they shared.

How we love our girls.

Phebe - Heart Surgery

[ you can read more about Phebe's heart surgery here ]


  1. Tears again! What a sweet capture of your two girls, who were so obviously meant to be sisters.

    Gin =)

  2. So sweet! Our children were not allowed to visit! I am glad they let her visit! So happy the surgery went well.

  3. I love this photo... it shows such compassion.

  4. So heartwarming and sweet.

  5. Beautiful photo! Hope Phebe is doing well!

  6. This picture is truly the most emotional and beautiful photo EVER! I am crying just looking at it. Their love is clearly visible right there.