Saturday, April 27, 2013

riding her bike - without training wheels!

no stabilizers! GO Lilah!

I am such a proud Mama this evening.

My Lilah girl, a couple of weeks ago, told us that she wanted us to take the training wheel off her bike. So I found a wrench in the shed, and I did just that. Phebe was rather perturbed about the whole situation, asking me over and over again: "Why break it, Mama?"

Unfortunately we only got out once, to practice without the training wheels. Lilah is a very cautious child, but she is also very determined. When she puts her mind to something, she won't let anything get in her way! I love that about her.

So anyway, a friend mentioned that his girls scooted a lot and it really helped with their balance which is so necessary for bike riding. So I pulled out the scooter on Monday, and every day this week she has scooted to and from school on her scooter. By Friday, her scooting skills were impeccable, where she could even scoot with both her feet on the scooter and use the back break (over the wheel) with the heel of her foot!

She was soooooo proud of herself.

This afternoon, Baba got her bike out again and took her to the park and guess what? Yes...she just took off biking down the little path to the park, all on her own. You can imagine the glow on her face. And ours. She literally hasn't stopped riding (and glowing) since.

So so so proud of you Lilah Grace. You can do ANYTHING you want, when you put your mind to it! Well done!

no stabilizers! GO Lilah! no stabilizers! GO Lilah! no stabilizers! GO Lilah!



  1. Good job lilah! I told my girls today that if they learned to ride Silas' two wheeler that I would buy them new bikes... We will see how that goes! They are both very cautious. I will have to show them your post!

    1. Lilah is SOOO cautious too... I was not holding my breath! That's why I'm so proud of her! And the more she's been out riding the more confidence she's getting... by this evening, when this movie was taken, she was even turning corners! Woohoo!!

  2. :) Nice.
    I am 35 and I can;t ride a bike:))

  3. Love that smile! YOu can tell she is so proud!

  4. It makes me realise just how much my sweet granddaughter is growing up ......... and how much I miss seeing these little milestones and achievements! love you Lilah G lots of huggs for a clever girl xoxo

  5. Way to go Lilah! That's very impressive...and she's even turning corners! Kerry is nowhere near ready to ride without her training wheels (as they're called around these parts).

  6. Awesome, Lilah - way to go!!!

    Jill, seriously, these photos are amazing. Actually, your photos are consistently amazing!!!! I especially love the light in these. They add so much to the already special images.