Sunday, April 21, 2013

all dressed up...

My girls, dressed in their Sunday best, all ready to head out to Church this morning!

I've been meaning to take a few pictures of the girls in their Apron Dresses - by Handmaiden Canada for quite a while now. And also their Pixie Hats, that were handknit by my Mum, to match the dresses. I found the knitting pattern for the hats on Etsy and my Mum, who loves all things crafty, bought the pattern and did an amazing job on not only knitting them, but also choosing the yarn colour to match the dresses, especially considering she'd only seen the dresses in a photo.

These hats were part of the girls Christmas gift and I'm only getting around to taking pictures now. Yikes!

Seriously though - these two little pixies are so sweet!

all dressed up all dressed up all dressed up all dressed up


  1. Those hats are adorable! I think it is time for you to do another shopping post... I love the dresses!

  2. Those dresses are so pretty! And your sweet girls look absolutely adorable in those hats. Your Mom is amazingly talented! Lilah looks like she's singing in second to last one =).

  3. Cutest pixies I have ever seen for sure!