Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'rainbow flower shop'

Welcome to the "Rainbow Flower Shop" - name courtesy of Lilah!

Yesterday we went out on a mission to the dollar store in the hopes of finding a bunch of beautiful tacky plastic flowers! The girls were so excited with the idea of a shop and Lilah helped me wrap the cardboard boxes, write out and decorate the signs and set up the shop. It turned out so bright and colourful, just as we envisioned it.

But then we realized we didn't have a cash register and tell me, what shop does not have a cash register?

Actually, with this flower shop, one of my hopes was to work on a little math! Yikes, totally not my strong suit, but thankfully at this age it's all pretty basic! So today we went for a walk to a store not too far from our place and found a sweet little cash register. What child does not love a cash register? I specifically remember daydreaming about a cash register as a child. So, now we have the perfect little cash register. And with the elimination of the Canadian penny, it now means we have plenty of those kicking around our house, so I figured it would be the perfect way to work on some simple addition and subtraction, just by using the pennies! So much fun!

Oh, and I just love listening to the girls imaginations running wild as they role play in their new flower shop venture!


  1. So sweet! Great idea.

  2. This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. Love the flower sign with the backwards S and the sweet cash register.

    What an amazing mom you are to help them set this all up!

  3. Super, super idea! Love all the colors and her polka dot hat.

  4. oh my goodness this is adorable! Hope it stays open all summer.


  5. Oh my, what I wouldn't have given to do this as a child. What imaginations and what fun fun fun! Love these images, Jill...always do.

  6. Oh what fun!! And you try to say you're not crafty. Lilah looks pleased as punch! Kerry is all about rainbows and get's tons of use out of her cash register so this would have been right up her alley, too. Our girls would get along so well together!

    Gin =)

  7. This is so adorable, Jill! What a great idea! I can just imagine the fun your girls had playing flower shop!

  8. Clever Mummy to think of a way to make Maths fun :)

    Gracie and I play "banks", she even has to wear my work Id card on its chain around her neck...LOL!

    These photos are brill Jill, they look like they are taken on a balcony?

    Hope you are enjoying your Spring weather!!!

  9. Ahh, playing bank is something I enjoyed as a child too Debbie!
    Yes, this is the balcony, in Canada it is know as a porch, this one is on our second level, off our kitchen/dining area. It's too small to do much on, but the girls love playing out there in the summer. And it's covered too, which makes it nice, because the girls can play even when it's raining!