Thursday, January 24, 2013

walking home from school

Our daily walk home from school.
That sunshine is so deceiving, today was a frigid -33°C. Brrrr!
our daily walk home from school


  1. I do have to say that I much prefer -33 and sunshine, than -1 and cloudy. There is just something about the sun.

  2. Just seeing the wors -33 just makes me shiver! Try to stay warm!

  3. Jill, your parents have probably mentioned that we have had snow and ice here for the last 2 weeks, and us UK folk just dont handle bad weather very well :)

    We escaped it and flew to the Canaries for 2 weeks fun in the sun, temps of high 20's ...bliss.

    But when we picked our car up last night, snow and ice have caused the whole front windscreen to crack and A LOT of damage to the bodywork :( Now I'm "car-less" which I hate, as its just gone into the garage.

    You guys over there have truly got this "snow thing" covered!!!

    Ps I was able to keep up with all my blogs while away but couldnt comment. Im so glad you know whats happening with Phebe, and Someone Special will be holding her tender heart on HIS hands too.

    Also not sure why you cant view my flip videos, you seem to be the only one who struggles and I wonder is it a Canada thing maybe? Not sure.....but will look at how Ive set them up, 2 weeks of washing and ironing awaits, ha!

    Look out for our holiday posts soon, love to you all.