Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 in pictures - january

Lilah : January in pictures

new apron
walking home from school
snow day
cell phone
stuffed animal sillies
snowball maker
jumping on the bed


  1. These are all great photos... but that jumping on the bed one... pure joy!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog(s) today (from a comment on Life With 2 Dumplings). Your photos are amazing and your daughters are absolutely precious. I love that you share your faith on your blog. It's always nice to "meet" other believers even over the Internet.

  3. Love your picture...Very good job!

    Monica, maman de Milie :-)

  4. As always, I am stalking your collage. I tried to do one, but it would only give me three of the photos I had in the collection, the rest were "unavailable." Has this ever happened to you; how do you get the URL address. I know I'm such a pain, but any insight would be a great help so I could move past this and on to some other obsession, like actually improving my photography skills.

    I aspire to the beauty of your photos.

    1. Hi Glinda.
      You are so kind, thank you.
      So, I'm not sure if this is easier for you or not... but this year I am making my collage using PicMonkey... it's online, have you heard of it? It's much easier to use and edit than the fd flickr mosiac I used previously. Oh and you import your photos from your computer, as opposed to flickr. Much better.
      I really hope this helps.