Wednesday, January 16, 2013

she's adorable!

Canada Aviation & Space Museum

She told us this on Christmas day - "Not just presents are great, parents are great too."

“Come on Phebs, let’s put our stuffies on the naughty step!”

lilah: "Mom, how come you didn’t give me dessert for after lunch today?”
me: "I did. I gave you apple slices”
lilah: "Well that’s not really dessert, that’s lunch!”
me: "It’s a healthy option. You really like eating healthy, don’t you?”
lilah: "Yeah… sometimes.”

We’re both mothers, Mama… “Phebe’s a teeny tiny mother and I’m an SK’er mother!” (SK stands for Senior Kindergarten)

After prayers with Baba on Christmas night, she said - "You know what my best Christmas present is... you and Mama."

An expression she uses all the time now - after telling us something, she’ll exclaim... "For real life!!!"

“Mama, I love you to 103… is that even a number?!”

“Phebe, you can talk to me later, but right now I’m concentrating!”

“I like the way my friends treat me when I have curls in my hair. I was a little bit nervous…
that’s why I was yacking on when you curled it, but now I’m not embarrassed.”

“Mom, what is that smoke coming out of the people's chimneys?” (she was actually asking about exhaust fumes, from car exhausts!)
After explaining it to her, she followed it up with this question - "Is that called revving your engine?!"

“Why do people say ‘Amen’ after praying?”

"Do you know who's the best best best best best Mama? You! You're the most special Mama made for me."

“It’s okay if Phebe’s in my business, because I’m always in her business!”

“Little kids don’t have enough money and it’s dangerous out there… that’s why you need to live with your parents for the first time of your life.”

"It's great having a little sister, because she'll learn from me."

"Mama, you've aways been there for me, and I'm always going to be here for you."

"We love our stuffies and we love our parents, even though sometimes you guys are ridiculously silly!"

Canada Aviation & Space Museum


  1. Oh my goodness! What a riot she is! Your girls are precious! Thanks for sharing them with us and allowing us to pray for your family and for the blessings of the smiles and joy you share with us by sharing your 'world' with us and how God is at work in your family!

  2. I love how she is constantly expressing her love for you!

  3. My the conversations you all have and words your hear from her . . . .precious and funny!

  4. Those are some seriously adorable Lilah quotes. Does your tummy hurt from giggling all the time? She is so precious!!!

  5. Your sweet, funny, smart Lilah girl makes me smile! She is one of a kind isn't she?!