Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the nutcracker

Lilah and I enjoyed one of our annual Christmas traditions this evening!
In fact, this is our third year seeing The Nutcracker (Alberta Ballet) at the National Arts Center.

We made it a special 'date night' together. First we went out to dinner - we ended up going to Le Café together, just for convenience as it is situated in the NAC building. It's so nice having some time alone with my girl. She can really hold a sweet mature conversation now and she can also put on a really good show in a fancy restaurant, that's for sure. Well, aside from giving the butter knife a quick lick (which she's never even done at home before!) she did just fabulous!

I had a good laugh too. Around the middle of the ballet, just before the intermission, there is a very magical part of the story: The Russian Palace is set in the background, beautiful snow is falling and the dancers dresses are absolutely twinkling with gems - it was at this exact stage that Lilah turned to me and asked: "Is this movie real?" Heh! I love that girl of mine.

I should add, for mentions sake, I bought Lilah the dress she's wearing in Beijing, when we were there a few months ago. It's by a Chinese children's clothing brand called: "A Jie Bang NI". I love the quilted look, the velvet peter pan collar, the little leather bow belt and the richness of it.


  1. What a great way to spend an evening with your big girl ;)

  2. What a special mom and daughter evening!

  3. What a truly special time for the two of you. Lilah is so beautiful. We will actually be heading to see the ballet tomorrow night. :)

  4. That comment is too cute. What a great tradition!

  5. I love this tradition of yours!

  6. What a lovely and magical mother-daughter evening you had. I love the dress you bought in Beijing. It's going to be a keeper maybe for her little girl someday