Friday, December 28, 2012

the calico critter family goes camping!

The Calico Critters Camping set was the only gift Lilah asked for this Christmas!

I really enjoy listening to her imagination with this set. Unfortunately she only seems to get to play with it when Phebe isn't around, because Phebe, makes light work of toys like this! Which works out okay right now, because Phebe naps for 2 hours every day!

I took these pictures on Boxing Day. And from listening in on her dialogue, this is what I learned...

The Critters were in Cuba, North Africa... actually, they were only in North Africa because they were searching for South Africa - they finally found it! And then they were on their way to Ireland... all within a 10 minute period! And the Mom was reading the map, because she's younger and smarter. Did you know that the older you get the less smart you are? Yep, according to Lilah! Oh yes, the Dad is 15 and the Mom is 10!

Gotta love her imagination.

Boxing Day 2012 Boxing Day 2012 Boxing Day 2012


  1. I love Calico Critters... I am thinking you are going to have to start camping with that girl of yours! She would love it!

  2. Jill, how do you keep a straight face???? :D