Thursday, December 20, 2012

have a holly jolly christmas!

Lilah and I made these treat bags for Lilah to give to all her school friends tomorrow. I love the blog [simple as that]. I love her photography and fresh ideas. And when she posted the printout for these labels/tags, "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas" - I knew we were going to make them! All I had to do was find the Jolly Rancher candy to go with the label. And I did find it, in Bulk Barn!

Funny, because when I was in the Bulk Barn I had an epiphany (it doesn't happen often!), but I saw a big bin full of Hershey's kisses and I was thinking a label that said "Merry Kissmas" would be a great idea too. Of course, I would have to make the label myself, so that could be my answer to that great idea!

Anyhow, here's the link for the tag printout!

Holly Jolly / Jolly Rancher - Lilah's Christmas class gifts Holly Jolly / Jolly Rancher - Lilah's Christmas class gifts

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  1. I saw that idea and thought it was too cute! Good for you for putting those treats together. They're adorable!