Thursday, December 13, 2012

canada aviation and space museum

Yesterday, the teachers had a walk-out day, which meant Lilah had no school!

It was SO nice to spend a day together with no timelines and no schedules! So we made the most of the day and went to check out a local museum - Canada Space and Aviation Museum - to be exact! To be fair, for little kids, this museum could be a tad boring, but the playroom certainly made up for that! And the open space is very desirable for a rambunctious two year old! Oh, and the girls sure felt they'd hit the jackpot with those fabulous little planes they could peddle around!

So I guess it wasn't that boring. I'm just not a history buff or into planes, well, unless they're taking me away, on a vacation! ...the girls had plenty of fun! These are the things you do on cold winter days!


  1. It looks like the girls had fun. I like the pink airplane and the one with their heads in the cut outs.

  2. looks like a pretty neat place!


    PS. Love the nutcracker dress!

  3. Lilah is killing me in the aviator helmet and glasses! Looks like they had fun. I love the shot of them with their cute little faces in the "cut-out".

    Gin =)

  4. What a neat place. That playroom is pretty awesome! I'm not a history or aviator buff either, but this place looks like a great way to spend the day when there is no school.