Saturday, December 15, 2012

afternoon tea

afternoon tea @ Château Laurier

Here's another tradition I love!

One of our good friends that we met through the adoption playgroup, when we brought Lilah home, organizes a (mothers and daughters only!) afternoon tea get together at the Château Laurier. I love this hotel and the food is delicious! But my favourite part of all, is seeing friends. We have a special bond with some of these families.

In fact, the family we travelled to China with, was there - and Lilah was thrilled to see her friend, Amelia. I tell you, those two just pick up where they left of. They have such a lovely bond together. (There is a photo of them below, sitting grinning together!)

All being well, next year Phebe will join us. I know Lilah will be thrilled to bring her along.


  1. You both look so lovely. I love those soft creams and gold's Lilah is wearing. Sounds like nice way to spend an afternoon with your girl.

    Gin =)

  2. What a perfect way to spend the afternoon. So cute that both girls are wearing beads!


  3. I really want to do this with my girls! I love it... a great tradition.