Sunday, July 15, 2012

violin? guitar?

guitar? violin?

I took this picture of my Monkey Moo the morning after we arrived home from our vacation in Picton.

I came downstairs to find her in this exact position. To be honest, I don't know where or when she saw a violin before or even of someone playing a violin... but it's obvious she has, since she's got a pretty decent form.

Now begs the question: Violin lessons or Guitar lessons? I kinda skipped a level, because I was thinking she'd start piano lessons this Fall!


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  2. piano, violin, ballet. =)

  3. Anonymous15 July, 2012

    Piano is good because Lilah will learn how to read both clefs.
    Violin is good because it encourages more intonation awareness (but be sure to invest in some good headphones for the first few months!)
    Guitar is good because it's very fun to learn!

    I'd say do all three (if possible), but not all at once. Maybe piano first. Then violin when she's in gr.2-3. Then guitar gr.6-7?

    And the good thing with having two kids is that they can one day play duets together!

  4. I would say guitar first...just cause it would be a fun introduction to music.

    I started playing guitar when I was 10.........I used to sing and play in our church back in NI. Crikey the thought of "performing" like that now would fill me with terror, oh to be that 10 yr old girl again!!!

  5. Piano is a lovely introduction to music, I started very early with Piano and Violin a couple months later.
    Piano is a little easier to start learning about notes etc at an early age!

    She looks sweet as can be using her guitar as a violin!

  6. Can't wait to see what she and you decide on. Whatever it is I'm sure she'll be fantastic!

  7. I am planning on starting Lilah in Violin in the Fall... and then piano to follow at some point. I have gotten really mixed comments on what to do when, so I think you just have to choose one and go from there.

  8. Have you ever considered ukulele? Strings are easier than guitar! Good luck!

  9. Aww..that's the cutest violin/guitar I've ever seen!