Saturday, July 21, 2012

a month-in-photos : june

I totally missed posting my June pictures on the last day of the month! Well, I remembered about it a few times, but life kinda got in the way.

June was a calmer month, it was Lilah's last month of school, bye-bye Junior Kindergarten. Maybe that's the reason she took to jumping on the bed and twirling on the sidewalk! Of course, I'm joking! Lilah LOVES school and was straight up honest in telling me that she was very sad it was over... she even had a tear in her eye over it one morning, it was about a week before her last day. Long may her love for school continue!

Lilah also had her splatter paint party in June... my oh my, it was fun! And we spent an afternoon at the Ornamental Gardens, where Lilah swung on the trees, compared the colour of her outfit to the flowers and enjoyed skipping around and smelling the peony roses. I adore her joy and zest for life. She also enjoyed running races at our annual Sunday School Picnic, especially the sack race! And finally, we went and picked strawberries the day after school finished - I should say, what was left of the strawberries, since we've had an early hot dry summer...well, we must have gotten some rain in June, because Lilah's very cute ladybug umbrella made it's debut at one stage during the month!

I love June, we are thoroughly enjoying our summer and every month is a month closer to my Phebe girl... I simply can't wait!


  1. They are all great photos and great memories... that girl does love to twirl doesn't she?

  2. I am totaly swooning over here...just love them all!

  3. I always look forward to your monthly collages!

    Gin =)