Tuesday, July 10, 2012

she talks our ears off!

jumping on the bed! jumping on the bed

How she got out of paying for breakfast on Father's Day!
baba: “Are you paying for breakfast today Lilah?”
lilah: “No, I can’t reach the counter.”
baba: “Don’t worry, I can pick you up”
lilah: “I don’t have enough money.”
baba: “Sure you do, it’s in your piggy bank!”
lilah: “Well, I don’t want to take my money out of my piggybank until it’s all full!”

Walking down the street past a City Bus one day: "Why is it called a City Bus, because everyone is sitting?"

“When you laugh at me, it makes me feelings feel bad!”

“Mama, I love that mushroom soup. I remember you made that soup a long time ago, you know, when you were the same height but had a younger face.”

After helping her take a staple out of one of her pages one day: “Thank you Mom, that’s what parents are for!”

One morning I had a sore stomach and Lilah sweetly rubbed my belly and said: “You really need to stay at home and take care of yourself.”

After getting a few of her drawings from school gathered together, she stapled them in the corner and starting flicking through them, then turned to me and said: “These are my university papers, they’re all available now.” I don’t even know where she heard the word ‘university’!

“Do you know how there’s always birds poo? Well, do birds pee as well?”

“If we had a white car it would be better, then you wouldn’t see the bird poo!”

"I'm the super expert, so I think I should blow up the balloons!"

Talking to her stuffies one day: "Rule number one is NO fighting. Rule number two is NO snatching. Okay?"

lilah: "Mama, where's the ipad?"
me: "I hid it, I'm not telling you."
lilah: Well, remember, there's no secrets in our family!"

Last but not least, TODAY we got our Letter Seeking Confirmation! When I told Lilah the news she said: "That's good news, we've been praying for that!" (more news about that and our tentative travel dates on Phebe's blog)


  1. She is just so entertaining!

    And yeah about the LSC!

    So exciting!

  2. Oh she makes me laugh!! The 'younger face' comment is hilarious :)
    And YIPPEEE on the LSC!!!!! That's the best news, Jill!!! Soooo excited for y'all!!

  3. Congrats on being one step closer to Phebe!

    And Lilah is just such a hoot. Seriously. My stomach would constantly hurt from laughing if I were you.

  4. She makes me laugh so hard! The "same height, younger face" made me laugh out loud!

    Congratulations on your LSC! One step closer now :)

  5. What a little sweetheart! Hilarious!

  6. I just love that dress of Miss L's. I always have. I love all her chit chat so cute. My daughter told me the other day that I once paid her a little money to be quiet for I while. I feel kinda bad about that!


  7. Your beautiful girl is a hoot! I always love to hear the funny and smart little things she says.

    Gin =)

  8. She is such a sweet little thing..........jumping over to Phebes blog to catch up with your news!

  9. I always love reading these posts! I especial *love* the one about the mushroom soup, I laughed out loud!