Tuesday, July 24, 2012

appointment with the ophthalmologist

Lilah had her yearly appointment with the Ophthalmologist today at the Children's Hospital.

Lilah is seen yearly, because when we received her referral paperwork her "special need" (and I use that term very loosely) was Esotropia. Upon arriving at the SWI she'd been diagnosed with this condition, however, after we brought her home and were referred to an Ophthalmologist, we were told by the Doctor that she had been diagnosed too young, which inevitably led to a misdiagnosis. Lilah, in fact, had Pseudoesotropia.

Here is a description of it... (taken from here)
Pseudoesotropia is the appearance of crossed eyes in a child whose eyes are in perfect alignment. This is caused through having a broad, flat bridge of the nose that allows the skin on the inner portion of the eyelids to extend over and cover the inner part of the eye. It is common in infants and young children with these facial characteristics.

The sclera, or white part of the eye, closest to the nose becomes covered, particularly when the child looks toward either side. This results in the misleading crossed eye appearance.

As the child grows and the nasal bridge develops, the skin is pulled forward and away from the eye causing the crossed eye appearance to disappear.

Basically, Lilah has outgrown the pseudoesotropia, we see it the odd time if she is turning her eyes to the far left or right. But because she was referred to the Ophthalmologist at the Children's Hospital, she is being looked after and the Dr has us come in once a year to make sure everything is looking just fine. So today she got drops in her eyes, as she does once a year and after going through the pictures, letters, etc., they realized that she is not seeing quite as well as she could be.

Which means? She now has a prescription! For glasses!

She was a bit subdued about the idea, and asked many questions about why and how and where and what, oh yes and if she'd actually be wearing REAL glasses?! I'm sure you remember when she went through the love of fake glasses phase, especially the 3D ones! Well, it was all leading to this day when she would actually need them! Ha! Anyway, when we went to the Optician, let me just say one word to describe Lilah - THRILLED - she was super excited and there was hardly a pair of glasses in the store left unturned! She specifically wanted a blue pair, so she found a pair that fitted well... she did all the choosing, because ultimately, I want her to love them. I have to admit though, it was so hard to stand back and not make suggestions! She ended up getting two pairs, one for stand-by, because kids... are kids!

Watch this space. They should be ready in about a week!

Oh, and here are a few photos, reminiscing over her 'fake glasses' days!
She's a funny monkey!

'austin powers' glasses 279/365 - cuteness overload St Patrick's Day kisses new lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8 ll christmas 2010 joy of love - how they look little miss studious the hat sixteen? new lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8 ll St Patrick's Day kisses 277/365 - munchies new lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8 ll


  1. Oh my goodness she will rock those blue glasses like nobody else!
    Love your enthusiasm for everything that comes your way sweet Lilah Grace!
    You can pass all your fake glasses on to baby sis cuz you've got the real big girl deal now!! Woo whoo! XXO

  2. Lilah looks like such a baby in that first shot! Our girls are growing so fast. I agree, she is going to rock her new blue specs and I can't wait to see those photos!

    Gin =)

  3. ahhh so cute! sam would also be thrilled - he never misses a chance to grab papa's glasses and put them on his own grinning face :D lilah is lovely, thanks for sharing her here!

  4. My 5 year old China daughter has had glasses since she was 3 and still loves wearing them and keeps them on. Lilah will do great with them. And yes, the important part is.....let them pick their own glasses out.

  5. Okay, I'm seriously lovin' all those earlier shots of Lilah sporting her fake frames. She is so absolutely adorable! And no doubt, she will be rockin' out the real ones, too. I can't wait to see what she picked out.

  6. I can hardly wait to see her in glasses... they will totally suit her!

  7. Wait until she puts her glasses on and can see so much better, she will be so happy (I've had glasses since I was just a bit older than Lilah). Can't wait to see the pictures of the new glasses!

  8. Even though she is not too jazzed now about the glasses I bet Miss L will take it all in her stride and be as up beat and keen as she always seems to be. Bless her heart!


  9. My girls both have glasses & like them well enough. We were recommended to get transitions lenses, which automatically turn darker in the sunlight. Also, did you know you can get prescription goggles for the pool? Helps a lot so they can see underwater, too.

  10. Oh, she has prepared herself well for wearing glasses for real! Good for you for standing back and allowing her to pick her glasses. I know I'd be wanting to exercise full control over the choice but you are so wise to let her pick. I can't wait to see her in them!

  11. I have no doubt she will rock her new blue glasses as well!