Tuesday, July 31, 2012

her new glasses!

Well, the cutness factor around this house just stepped it up a few notches!

Miss Lilah and I picked up her two new pairs of glasses today and she was more excited than I have seen her in a long long long time. My husband looked at me in disbelief tonight and asked: "Did the glasses come with a over-the-top confidence boost too?!" Honestly, she was running around the house, high as a kite, talking in the most mature and matter-of-fact way possible... using big words like 'responsibility'!

She is completely thrilled with her glasses. In fact, when we picked them up at the Opticians she put them on and said: "Wow! I can see clearly now!" YIKES! I kinda hope she was exaggerating a little! I feel bad that she couldn't see clearly all this time.

I can tell she loves both pairs too. She was trying to make a rota on what day she would wear what pair!

So this is it I guess! It'll be her new look from here on out.

new glasses! new glasses! new glasses! new glasses!

(The first pair are royal blue on the outside and jade green on the inside.
The second pair are pale lilac on the outside and purple on the inside)

[ the flickr set is here ]


  1. Fun glasses! So glad Lilah is happy to wear them. I have two pairs also - one blue and one pink. I find that one pair or the other goes with everything I wear.

  2. I love Lilah's glasses, so adorable.

  3. EXCELLENT! They look ADORABLE. We just found out that G has a stigmatism in both eyes but they said that right now she does not need glasses. G was so sad! I thought for sure she would and kind of hyped up the whole glasses thing. Feeling a bit bad about that. Glad Lilah LOVES her glasses. She looks FAB in them!!!

  4. I love the frames she picked out. Lilah has a great sense of style. And she's absolutely adorable!

  5. Love them and they totally suit her. She looks great!

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  7. Oh she looks so darling in her glasses!!!! I wondered what Lucy's sn was. So glad to hear that it is not much of a worry for y'all. She is so sweet.

  8. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I am guessing Emme Jade will be sporting some sassy new glasses soon too!!! Lilah.. Way to Rock your new spectacles!!!!

    Blessings from MN,

  9. Adorable as always even with the addition of her fab new -0-0- I love her to the moon and back Nono xxxx

  10. She looks so incredibly adorable in her stylish new specs!! LOVE it! And how nice that she's so happy to wear them, too.

    Gin =)

  11. I read your blog from time to time and love Lilah's adorable spunk! We have 2 daughters from Chang De and would be happy to share what we learned from our last trip. Feel free to email me privately at Clarksadopt@yahoo.com.