Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday!

the flour shoppe - cupcakes

It was a very happy Friday!

I picked Lilah up at school and we walked up the street and over the bridge to a little area known as The Glebe. It has some fabulous boutiques and whatnot - not a safe place for a Visa card, I tell ya! We enjoyed lunch sitting outside, on the patio, wearing our flip flops. We purchased a few items for Phebe's little care package, have no fear, Lilah found herself a few new items too, including a new backpack and a lunch bag! She will certainly not be outdone! I also picked up some new spring clothes for my girls - I have a complete weakness for spring colours! And then we topped the day off at the cupcake shop.

Gotta love a beautiful lazy Friday, browsing around the shops.


  1. "happy Friday" is right! Oh my goodness, sounds like the perfect day!


  2. I would have swapped my "Friday" for your one, no problem!

    Rush, rush, rush to get Gracie to nursery, dash to work, no time for lunch, then race to Daycare to collect my girl at 5.30 - she is so tired she always falls asleep in the car on the way home. The joy of being a working mum LOL!!

  3. Cupcakes are my favorite food! Your area sounds so charming.