Thursday, March 29, 2012

yak yak yak!

too kool for skool!

During a discussion (instigated by Lilah) about God knowing everything about us - she said: "God know's everything in the world, except He's not even there in the world."

After a LOT of teasing one night (from Baba of course!), Lilah turned to him and in a triumphant voice said: "Well, I'm NOT going to be your daughter anymore!"

While I was making a reference (to my husband) about a man I work with having a very long beard, Lilah suddenly asked: "How long is his beard?" I demonstrated how long it was and suggested he looked a bit like Santa! "Oh", she said, "I think he probably looks like Noah's Ark, I saw him in a book one time and he looks just like that!"

lilah: "Butt means you're in front of someone, doesn't it."
me: "Huh? Ohhh, you mean when someone butts in front of you?"
lilah: "Yes."
me: "Well, no. It doesn't exactly mean you're in front of someone!"

Sometimes people are friends and then they fight with each other, so they're called enemies!

See that thing out there, it's called a limosine! I know that, Diane told me that!

lilah: "Mama, next week is a holiday, no school."
me: "That's right, it's called March Break."
lilah: "Oh. Do the children march?"

"Don't squish that bug, those are God's creatures."

"When Phebe comes along, she might not know the world of Cuba. I'll have to tell her."

"What are you guys waiting for?? ...Christmas!"

Recently Lilah has started spelling Mom, Moom. One day, after writing me a love note, I felt I should correct her and tell her Mom only has one O. Seemingly baffled, she asked: "Well, what does that sound like?" - pointing to Moom. When I told her, she fell into fits of laughing, 5 minutes later, after recovering from laughing, she said: "It kinda sounds like a cow!"

Lilah had gas pains one night and as I was lying in bed with her, rubbing her belly, she asked me: "What does Phebe's heart condition feel like?"

"Saliva and sweetness mix in your mouth and that makes creatures - they have a green face and body! I saw a movie about that in school!"

"I know some things too Mama - it's not all about you, you know!"

me: "Oh Lilah! Wow! That colouring is awesome. I'm so proud of you."
lilah: "Thanks Mama. It makes me want to hug you when you say things like that!"

too kool for skool!


  1. She is hilarious! I can hardly wait to see what she is like as a teenager...

  2. Hilarious is right!!! Too funny! I just love reading the things she says....when she is older she will have alot to chuckle about!

  3. Oh thank you for the laughs this morning.... that Lilah is a hoot! Love the things she says....

  4. Oh my, how do you stand it? The conversations she has are amazing! I'd be giggling alot! You'll never be bored with her.

  5. That Miss Lilah is one smart/witty little girl!

    Love her cool outfit!


  6. She is just too much. So funny, and I just love her "take" on things. You really don't know what she's going to come with next do you?!

    Gin =)

  7. So funny! I love Lilah's shoes.