Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a month-in-photos : february

What can I say? February disappeared before my very eyes!

We celebrated Valentine's Day in a big way this month. We made treats for Lilah's class friends and kept a few for ourselves, of course! It was fun to see all the cards she brought home from her little friends in school. I simply adored all the little 'love' crafts she made in school too! We enjoyed books and built puzzles, galore! And we spent a whole lot of time (evidentally from these pictures!) gearing up for and enjoying our holiday in Cuba.


  1. I always LOVE your mosaics. You are so blessed.

  2. I love these mosaics you do! they are a real treat. And, Miss Lilah is a real fashion icon!


  3. I always look forward to your mosaics, too! I love every last one of these shots of your beautiful, sweet Lilah.

    Gin =)