Monday, March 12, 2012

we went to cuba?

Cuba - Feb/Mar 2012

I seem to have lost a bit of my focus this past week! Funny that!

In fact, I kinda almost forgot that we enjoyed a wonderful week in Cuba! It's a distant memory now, vastly overshadowed by a telephone call that basically changed our lives! Again! For the second time! In a fabulous way!

It's funny how things happen... before heading to Cuba we were reminiscing how just before Lilah's referral, 4 years ago, we'd went on a vacation to Mexico. About a month after we arrived home, we received her referral! I'd been joking with a few people saying "Wouldn't it be nice if it worked out the same this time?" Little did I know it would be the actual day we arrived home and we wouldn't even have to wait a month!

Also, when we were in Mexico, 4 years ago, Baba had picked out a little dress in the hopes that we'd have a daughter to wear it some day - yes Lilah has worn that special dress! Well, the same thing happened this time too. Baba bought a little dress in the hopes that we'd have another daughter. In fact, he bought Phebe's dress (in the airport) on the Sunday, just hours before we arrived home to the message of her referral. Yes, the same day we found out about her, he'd bought her a sweet little dress.

Some things just work out in a special way. It renewed our strength.

So hopefully this week I'll get around to the Cuba pictures, I just had to tell you that little story!


  1. What wonderful news! Can't wait to hear/see more about your precious Phebe!

  2. Lilah looks amazing in the blue dress in the above pic. Where did you find it?

  3. The dress for Phebe.....can we see it, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? So excited for you guys!

  4. P.s forgot to say, I cant wait to hear more about Cuba, where you stayed etc....that is, once your heartbeat returns to normal :D

  5. "Phebe" I love it. Can't wait to see the little dress you picked out for her. I am sure right now you are walking around on cloud 9!

    And Miss Lilah looks like a perfect beach girl!


  6. So happy for you!!! I love this photo!!!

  7. I love that story and look forward to seeing Phebe in her special dress!

    I understand how easy it is to have your brain going in a thousand different directions once you get referral. It is all so exciting!

    But I still want to see the Cuba photos and hear all about it!

  8. Great photo (as always)..... So excited for you guys and can't wait to see Phebe in her dress someday!!!

  9. What a beautiful picture . . . and beautiful little girl!

  10. I love that sweet dress story...amazing! And I don't blame you one bit for being a bit distracted, hee hee.

    Gin =)

  11. such a fun story about baba buying a dress for phebe on your vacation - just like he did for sweet lilah! I love those little god-incidences!

    looking forward to seeing your cuba pics when you are down from the clouds :)

    xo ellie

  12. Amazing photo of your sweet Lilah, as usual, she is such a beautiful girl! Congragulations for your referral, I love de dress story! So many little miracles happen in adoption's stories!
    Guylaine, mother of 2 little fairies from China

  13. God knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He knew and that makes me overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I love that picture of Lilah!!!!!

  14. I clicked on the Flickr link for Phebe's dress - how beautiful, Baba did a good job! ;) How wonderful for the girls to learn about these shared stories as they grow!