Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the egg head family

Lilah came up with this cute craft yesterday after dying her eggs on Monday past. All out-of-the-blue she asked me if we had any wiggly eyes in the house and said she was going to make faces on her eggs!

And yes, those are the eggs that she dyed blue, green, yellow, red and pink. The same thing happened last year, only the pink seems to absorb into the egg shell! Different shades of pink mind you, that must have something to do with the other colours!

Let me introduce you to... 'The Egg Head Family'!

easter eggs!


  1. Such a creative girl. They are very cute eggs!

  2. Please tell Lilah "thank you"! I showed my girls the photo of "The Egg Head Family" and they can't wait to make their own "Egg Head Family". I think Lilah may have started something:)
    God Bless,

  3. I love Lilah's egg head family!!!!! Way to go girl! Such a sweetie she is:)


  4. Well, hello there! Pleased to meet you. Heehee. I agree with Diane, Lilah may have just started a trend there.

    Gin =)