Wednesday, October 12, 2011

miller's pumpkin patch

miller's farm, pumpkin patch

What better fun activity for a holiday (Thanksgiving) Monday than to head off to the Pumpkin Patch. And that's exactly what we did - on Monday past - we drove a few miles out the road to Miller's Farm. I tell you, there's nothing more exciting in a 4 year old's mind than a trip to the pumpkin patch!

What made the little trip even more amazing, was the temperature! I think it was in the mid 20s. It was so perfectly gorgeous! The sun was shining and I think everyone else in the city had the same idea about going to the pumpkin patch!

There was lots of fun activities for the kids, so much to see and do. We took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin field and Lilah picked out a few pumpkins just about her size! And then us adults found a pumpkin that was half as big as her! We now have a porch full of pumpkins! Lilah had so much fun with the other children, climbing around and jumping off the bales of straw, playing forts inside them, looking at all the pretty coloured Chrysanthemums, checking out all the different types of pumpkins and gourds.

What a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving Monday!


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! I love fall so much! It sounds like a wonderful day :)

  2. the whole set is awesome! But the last one with Lilah checking out the pumpkin! super cute!


  3. What beautiful shots. Looks like a great day. Happy belated Thanksgiving.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I love the color and Lilah looks very happy, as always!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Love Lilah's dress, so adorable with the sunglasses.

  6. FANTASTIC PHOTO of Miss LG at the pumpkin patch! She looks like she had a great time.

    No one rocks the sunglasses like her.

    Happy Weekend to you~



  7. What a wonderful pumpkin farm!! Fall looks good on Lilah! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!