Friday, October 28, 2011

"boss" - noun : a person who is a leader

A while back, a little something came up about school and we decided we should explain to Lilah the reason for a boss and what 'being a boss' means. We referred to each of our work places and told her that Baba and Mama each have a boss: a person who's in charge and who is to be obeyed. We told her when she's at school and kindercare, her teacher is the boss. I don't think she needed any explaining as to who the bosses at home are, when she came out with this...

"You and Baba are the bosses, but God's the big boss!" ~Lilah

As a side note, we also explained that sometimes adults don't do or say the right things, even when they are the boss. And that she should always talk to us about anything that happens that she doesn't feel is right, even if that person is the boss and says it's right. The only person that can be fully trusted, is God.

I felt a little sad that I had to have that conversation with my 4 year old, but unfortunately you never know nowadays.

autumn leaves


  1. It is so true. I hate to tell my children of those things too but we must. Loving all your photos:)

  2. That is a hard conversation to have with any child. But hopefully she understands all you were trying to say... so much to learn when they start to become independent!

  3. I love the things she says. Such a smart and wise girl. It is unfortunate that we have to have those kind of discussions with our preschoolers, but in today's world it's kind of a must. I love this shot of your sweet girl.

    Gin =)

  4. sad but true that this conversation is necessary.


  5. We've had to have the same conversation too with our children.
    You are wonderful parents by the way!!

    Beautiful picture of your sweetie!

  6. Those conversations are definitely not the most fun to have to bring up, but I love the context in which you chose to use. What a perfect time to throw in that God is the only one we can fully trust all the time! She is one smart little cookie, that sweet Lilah Grace!!

  7. Beautiful photo of beautiful Lilah! Having those necessary conversations are not easy at all....I love that she knows God is the big boss. Lily and Ty remind us frequently that God is the boss of Mom and Dad. :-)

  8. I know just what you mean :( we are just becoming aware of our kids idolizing other kids and knowing we have to have the conversation that if they do something inappropriate, they need to not follow along and tell!

    What a beauty!!