Saturday, October 15, 2011

first skating lesson - "kinderglider"

first skating lesson - brewer arena

Back in August, when the very idea of ice made me shiver, I signed Lilah up for skating lessons - "Kindergliders". It's only taken me 3 years to realize that if you want to book an activity for your child, you have to do it months in advance, not the day before!

Anyway, today was Lilah's fist skating lesson and to say she was SOOO excited would be a complete understatement! She had her skates and helmet all set out and ready for hours beforehand. She was on top of the world!

Her coach is pretty amazing with the children. If you look closely in some of the pictures you can see where he draws on the ice, with a marker, all sorts of little lines and paths for the children to follow, with certain different pictures along the way for the children to copy, like spreading their legs or arms, turning around in a 360, stopping and lying on their tummy, etc. And Lilah, being the eager child that she is, you can see her hanging onto every word the coach is explaining and making every exact move the coach tells her to. She is always the first in the lineup to participate in a challenge. Baba and I are so SO proud of her.

One of the funny moments during her lesson is when at one stage she fell down, she looked over at us and we, being the (terrible) parents that we are, were busy laughing! (She was grinning too so we knew she was fine.) And what did the rascal do? She got back up and fell down again a number of times for our entertainment! I actually thought I was going to die laughing! She has such a funny personality - she totally cracks us up.

When her lesson was over she was gushing about how much she enjoyed it and said she wished she could go back tomorrow, "But probably not", she said, "Because it's Sunday!" When I told her she would be going back every Saturday until Christmas, she got a massive grin on her adorable face.

Man I love that girly. She makes my heart feel like it's going to burst. I adore that first photo I posted below, looking at her coach with that massive grin on her face, she is always so full of joy and life and love. We continually shake our heads and thank God for this beautiful child, we've been blessed beyond our hopes and prayers.


  1. How sweet is that?? I love how bundled up they are! Adorable.

  2. Lilah Grace is just adorable! Love her smile when she falls, too cute!
    Guylaine, mommy of 2 sweet China girls, Québec, Canada

  3. Bravo Lili, you manage really well ... and you are so cute
    Françoise from France

  4. Utterly frabjous. My two girls started figure skating here in Ottawa, too, and my older daughter, Stefanie, still skates in competitions today, though she's in her 40s.

    Stefanie also adopted a sweet baby girl, Kaitlynn, from China who took figure skating in the winter 2010-2011 and decided this year to try ringette, or hockey for girls. Oh well. Sadly, we lost a figure skater and we know it is because Kaitlynn lives with 3 boys who live and breathe hockey.

  5. How adorable!!!!! Lilah looks like a natural. Everyone in Canada must learn to ice skate, no? he he

    I took Kate once this summer and she loved it and begged for lessons. There is not a place that is close and easy for our schedule (with dance and violin and the boys sports). So I am afraid we cannot fit in ice skating lessons right now but I know she would love them:)

  6. Oh my, that smile. She is loving it! She looks soooo cute all bundled up and rosy cheeked, and she she looks like a natural on the ice.

    Gin =)

  7. What a great attitude she has towards learning, and all with a smile on her face!

  8. How adorable! I started lessons when I was seven and continued skating for six more years- such fun times! Enjoy it Lilah!

  9. Oh my goodness she is adorable! how very exciting that lilah is learning to skate! love love love the beautiful smiles - she radiates joy!

    xo ellie

  10. She looks like she will be a little pro! Maybe I should take lessons with her!

  11. Lilah looks SO TINY all bundled up!! She can't be ice skating already! I, too, love the way she is looking up at her coach! Cute!

  12. Oh she is just a bundle of cuteness indeed!!! Just want to squeeze her!!

  13. Darling photos. My girls were with me when I opened your blog and they were impressed that she tried ice skating (we tried - once - with Katie but she hated it and won't try it again).l I pointed out that Lilah even smiled when she fell down and Ella said, "She sure smiles a lot!"

    Oh, and I LOVE the photos of Lilah with the umbrella in the autumn leaves!

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