Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sweet little expressions

photography by Vincent Kember @ www.vincentkember.com

lilah "Mom, do you remember what I said?"
me: "No, I don't."
lilah: "Well I said it very quietly, so I don't remember either!"

After she asked me how I got saved: "Well I'm saved too. Because I believe in the Lord Jesus and I love Him so much."

"So, what the setup is, is that this isn't a tall building, it's just a small house."

"Oh look! All the butter on my toast melted. Is that because it's hot? Is that the rules of toast?"

Her water bottle had condensation on it: "This water is foggy, because it was in the fridge!"

lilah: Hmm, we need to recognize this again because it's all messy!"
me: "I think you mean organize?"
lilah: "Oh. Yes, that's it!"

After asking her something she didn't know the answer to, she said to me: "Well, you can figure that one out!"

"So I started to play and then realized, oh, I need you to play with me!"

"Piggy's really complicated this morning. That means he's tired, that's what I call it."

lilah: "Do you have a little sister Mama?"
me: "No, I just have a big sister."
lilah "Oh, so you're the little sister?"
me: "Yes, that's right."

"Mama, when we die and go to heaven, will we still be dead or will we be alive again?"

Piggy squeals a lot now, Lilah says it's because he's a baby...
me: "Piggy's squealing is getting on my nerves!"
lilah: "Oh. What does nerves mean?"
me: "Getting on my nerves means that I'm feeling a bit frustrated with him."
lilah: "Well I'm pretty sure he's getting on my nerves too!"

photography by Vincent Kember @ www.vincentkember.com photography by Vincent Kember @ www.vincentkember.com

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  1. I love the little heap in the last shot. :)

  2. LOVE those shots! Did he use a flash?

    You do such a good job of either remembering or writing down all of those little Lilahisms. My husband always tells me to write down the funny/cute things the kids say and I never do :(

    Now I don't remember. Good for you for doing it!

  3. Hi Mary Karen,

    Yes, he totally had a big flash on a tripod kind of thing. I was rather envious! :)

    I have a notepad in my purse and I scribble the funny little things she says down. I know what you mean about not remembering them and honestly I only write the odd one down, but wish I wrote more...because they are so her in that moment of her life...and I never want to forget that!


  4. She is too funny. The lighting in love photos is great! I need to figure out my flash!

    You have encouraged me to write down the little cute things my kids say as well...

  5. Hi Jill,

    I have never commented on any web site at all _ever_!!! So, this is a first for me.

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog and watching Lilah grow.

    You are an inspiration in so many ways.


  6. Oh my, I love your delightful conversations with Lilah! So precocious she is.....

  7. i feel complicated on most days! so love her expressions!

  8. Hi Jill,
    Do you remember what I said? No? Hehe, i said Lilah is smart. The things she says, the stuff she figures out in her head, it is amazing how the mind of a three-year-old works.

    And it makes me wonder whether I started using my brain when I was three, hmmm ...

  9. LOVE these photos! And I always love hearing the things she's coming up with lately!

    Gin =)