Friday, September 9, 2011

first day of junior kindergarten

first day of school - junior kindergarten
[ The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~S. Harris ]

My parents used to talk about how time flies when you're older, I would look at them like they were crazy! As a child it seemed the opposite, especially if I was looking forward to something like Christmas or summer holidays or my birthday. Well, I totally get it fact, I've been 'getting it' for a few years now. It seems like time has decided to speed up on me!

Today my beautiful girl started JK - my little 4 year old. She just seems too young and little to be starting JK. It just seems like yesterday that we were in China, rocking her to sleep. On the other hand, this summer seems to have handed her an overdose of independance and maturity, and underneath it all, I know she's SO ready for school. She's been at home with me for almost 3 years now, she's a complete and utter socializer, who can't get enough of being around and playing with her peers.

Yeah, she's ready. But am I? I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready, that's the problem!

So it goes without saying that my favourite part of today was when she came running out of the school doors, (I was kneeling down) and she ran straight into my arms for a big bear hug and kiss. I think it was at that point I teared up, because it just felt so good to have her back in my arms. And also, I could tell how happy she was about school, she couldn't wipe that massive grin off her beautiful face. Seeing her happy makes me the happiest person on earth.

She's been home a few hours now and I've heard many stories about school. She's been role playing 'being the teacher'. She's been drawing and writing. And everything she does, she tells me, "I'm drew this for Diane (her teacher). I'm going to show this to her." It's only her first day, but I can already tell that there is an underlying adoration building for her teacher and that makes me so happy, because I really believe teachers have a huge influence on our children.

One of the funny moments of today was when I asked Lilah what she learned on her first day of school, she immediately said "Bonjour", but it sounded more like bon-joar!! It might be her Northern Irish twang! I asked her what bonjour meant and she said: "It means hello in Quebec!" Haha - priceless! She also started calling me Madame Jill! She told me her French teacher is called Madame Julia. So she's at school for 2.5 hours... and 20 minutes of that time is dedicated to French. They have a French teacher that comes into their class and teaches them French. Our 4 year old will likely know more French than both us parents put together after just one week! I must admit, that part cracks me up!

Another thing she mentioned to me is that she didn't put her cardigan on in class because it was very hot. Her exact words were: "It was 13 DEGREES in the classroom, really exhausting!"

This school talk is very entertaining. I'm pretty sure there'll be many more laughs on the horizon!

first day of school - junior kindergarten first day of school - junior kindergarten

The first photo is Lilah with a picture she drew when she got home. She told me it's a picture of herself (with extra long hair to her feet!) skating on the Rideau Canal! On the next page she wrote some letters and told me the teacher said she should write some letters for her Mom. So there they are. Truly, these are the moments I never want to forget.

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  1. So exciting... especially when they are so excited to go and socialize and learn!

    I imagine there will be a ton of cute stories and quotes to come!

  2. Was thinking about Lilah today and wondering how she would get on at JK and her first day away from mama and baba. Looks and sounds like she had a ball (-: Nono & Papie xxx

  3. Way to go Lilah....sounds like your first day was a huge success! I love all the little stories mommy tells because you are so cute and such a smart little girl. Enjoy the weekend with mommy and daddy:)

  4. Ohh Jill, it sounds like school is right up her alley! I got a little teary though myself reading about her running out of the doors into her Mama's arms and I totally get what you're saying about how the time with our girls seems to be going warp speed at times. Sigh.

    Gin =)

  5. Lilah is so cute and looks so excited! how precious!

  6. She is so cute !!!

  7. I love how Lilah is so talkative after school! And even wrote in her journal :) I think my favorite part of the day would have been the same as yours - just hugging that girl!

  8. She's so cute! She speaks well and i can say that because i am french:)))
    I love all the pictures of Lilah you maid, i am a big fan of your blog.
    I live in Spain and i have 2 children, Paul and Mei from China. I have a blog too but in french!

  9. THAT VIDEO..........SO SWEET

  10. Oh what a beautiful post. Jill, I know you and I would be good friends if we were not a countryside away from one another. The words you write have come out of my mouth just the same way. I adore Lilah. She is so precious. I am glad that she loves JK and I cannot wait to hear more French from her. Kate is learning Spanish in school as that is quite handy in Texas! French is much more beautiful.

    I know you miss your cutie while she is at school but just think..soon you will have another lil one to bod with while Lilah is learning:) I so wish Kate were going to have a sister. I imagine Lilah will be incredible with a younger sister.

  11. Oh man, can I relate to everything you wrote here!

    I'm glad Lilah is loving school. It must have been so sweet to hear her recount her time there. She has such a sweet and funny way of saying things (I only know this through your blog, of course!) and you do such a good job of capturing those fleeting moments in time. Keep all these cute stories and sayings coming!

    Btw, best collage ever!!!