Thursday, September 8, 2011

camping at grand lake, algonquin park

Exactly one week ago today, we were on our second day of an absolutely amazing three day 'outback camping' trip. We went to Grand Lake in Algonquin Park, with four families from our Church. And when I say 'outback camping', I mean the type of camping you actually have to canoe to get to the campsite!

Here are a few things that come to mind when I think back to our trip... calm lake, morning mist, kids playing together, hot chocolate, canoe trips, stories around the campfire, yummy s'mores, delicious food, nature, tranquility... ahh, there's nothing better.

On the first day we didn't do a whole lot, we set up our tent and canoed over to a little sandy beach area, just while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. On the second day we canoed to High Falls, which has a natural water slide. The whole canoe trip was 10kms long, and yes, my arms were hurting ever so slightly by the end of that! And then on our third day we packed up our stuff and took a hike up the Baron Canyon. I would absolutely love to canoe through the Baron Canyon next year. And we've definitely decided when we come again next year, we'll stay another night or two. Two nights is definitely not enough - considering all that packing and unpacking! I think we all had teary eyed children on the last day, who were very sad to be leaving each other.

My apologies in advance for the number of photos attached to this post. Three days with a camera in hand, yeah, that results in a LOT of photos!


  1. Now that is EXACTLY the kind of 'getaway' our family LOVES! Stunning photos ~ absolutely breath-taking!!!

  2. this is a stunning post!!! I have always wanted to do and see this. WOW!

    And, believe you me, I am not a camper.


  3. I may be a camper too, but that outhouse just wouldn't work for me!

    It looks like a beautiful beautiful place to go.

    You may just become a diehard camper yet!

  4. I love nature and enjoy healthy food, and your picture makes me want to camp again

  5. What a georgeous place for a getaway!

  6. Wow - I am about to post pictures of or camping, which look NOTHING like how beautiful these ones are? What a perfect family weekend!!

  7. We have to go..............beautiful.

  8. Looks like her new pj's kept Lilah warm during the camping trip~ Glad you enjoyed your trip, it is wonderful to get out into nature and away from the cell phones, internet and business!

  9. Wow!! Love all the pictures! It looks like you had a blast!!