Monday, September 12, 2011

zhongqiu jie!

I know Zhongqiu Jie was today, but we mostly celebrated it yesterday. So yesterday Lilah got dressed in her beautiful Chinese dress for Church and after Church we headed to Chinatown and feasted on some yummy Chinese cuisine. Afterwards, we went for a walk around Chinatown and bought a mooncake in Kowloons, just one, because they are an acquired taste that none of us seems to have acquired yet! Basically we buy mooncakes for the cultural relevance and novelty!

Today we hung our festive lanterns and then went to our local T&T, which is a huge Chinese grocery store, everything was very festive and geared towards Mid-Autumn Festival. We picked up some of Lilah's favourite treats and then headed to the mall.

Since today was our last full day of being home together, before school officially starts again, we decided today would be a treat for Lilah. She's been asking for some clothes and diapers for Piggy, so we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and also Mrs. Tiggywinks and got her a couple of outfits and diapers for her little Piggy Boy and also a bjorn style carrier for carrying her Piggy Boy around - she was so thrilled. (I will have to post some pictures of that at a later stage because I didn't get any pictures of it today.)

After making our purchases at the mall we then had lunch together and lastly went to visit Baba at work.

It was a pretty fun Zhongqiu Jie and last day of the holidays.

Zhongqiu Jie Zhongqiu Jie Zhongqiu Jie Zhongqiu Jie Zhongqiu Jie Zhongqiu Jie Zhongqiu Jie


  1. sounds like a petty fine couple of days!

    Beautiful, beautiful, shots!


  2. It sounds like you have been having lots of fun and enjoying the last few days before school starts!!

    Lilah is such a pretty little girl and so full of life. Her personality always comes shining through in your photos.

    Hope that she has a great time in school. Sarah and Reags are starting a new daycare tomorrow. They are excited..... Mommy is nervous.



  3. I almost missed this holiday this year... it seems so early! What a great way to celebrate and make it special for Lilah.

  4. I almost missed it too Paige, only one of Colin's friends in work mentioned it, I would have!

    It's quite a bit earlier than previous years and the first year Lilah has been able to wear her dress without a long sleeve shirt underneath! I liked that!


  5. Lilah looks beautiful in her new dress.

    I know what you mean about the mooncakes; we don't love them (yet) either but we still buy them for their meaning and because they are so pretty.

  6. What a beautiful mooncake! I feel terrible. My kids have been begging me to go to Chinatown and we just never get there.

    Lilah is looking so grown up!

    Mary Karen

  7. Love Lilah's dress. Looks like you had a great few days.
    Brennyn is the only one in our family who likes Mooncakes. She gobbles them up!

  8. What gorgeous pictures!! I LOVE Lilah's dress!

  9. Happy Mid Autumn Moon Festival! Love Lilah's dress...

    We celebrated with friends and tried moon cakes again. Sylvie and Mary love them, but Mama and Daddy still haven't acquired the taste yet. Luckily the "wagon wheel" treats we brought as a back up worked!

  10. that little lilah is so fun! and i love love love the photos of chinatown and the mooncake. you are so creative :) that must be where lilah gets it!

    xo ellie