Friday, September 16, 2011

first week of school - listening skills!

So I had a complete déjà vu moment on Wednesday morning when dropping Lilah off at (her second day of) school. I know I should be a better parent and not have snorted to myself when I overheard the teacher saying this to Lilah:

teacher: "So Lilah, today you're going to focus on listening to me and not talking as much to Fiona!"

Oh my, does that sound familiar... only 30 years ago! Ha! (And yes, I absolutely am talking about myself!)

Anyway, this morning (as we were getting ready to walk up to school) we were chatting and it would now seem like Lilah has definitely started listening to her teacher. Our conversation went like this...

me: "Have you done any physical education yet, like running around?"
lilah: (in a shocked voice) "No! We're not allowed to run in school... or push, or talk about poos or farts, or ANYTHING rude."
me: "Oh. Okay. That's good!" (silent snort)

Oh yeah, she's definitely been listening!

Now it's just me that needs to work on my game face! know, the one that desperately wants to grin, but you have to control it, so it doesn't encourage a certain little someone?!

Phew. Parenting. It's pretty awesome!

junior kindergarten - 2011

Doesn't she just look like a bit of an imp?!


  1. I agree, parenthood IS awesome! I would have totally snorted, too. She does look like the cutest little imp in this photo. Never a boring moment with Lilah around, I'm guessing.

    Gin =)

  2. Life is never boring with little ones and the things that come out of their mouths!

  3. Oh, I adore her t-shirt! Where did you find it? Your blog is beautiful.

  4. "imp" is perfect! That girl is something special!


  5. Hi Ginny,

    Thanks for your kindness!

    Her shirt is from our local Canadian Superstore - the line is called Joe Fresh.

    Here is the link...


  6. Simply adorable! I wonder what my students are going home to tell their parents!

  7. lol!! My Mom MIGHT have heard the same thing about me when I was in school. MIGHT!!

  8. I love her response! That is a hoot! I am waiting on my funny comments from the boys. Lilah is so adorable. Love all of your pics!