Friday, August 21, 2009

canada science and technology museum

Today being the thundery feels-like-32°C-with-the-humidity day that it was, we decided to join our wee playgroup at the Science & Technology Museum. It ended up that we didn't see any of the other playgroup members. The museum was jam-packed, there were summer camps galore, maybe in the vicinity of a hundred children. Yeah, that's a lot! However it all added to the adrenaline and excitement for Lilah! She now seems to thrive with other children and social settings, so it was all good. I'm not a fan of museums, we actually brought Lilah to this one back in February or March when we were just home a few months and I remember being bored out of my mind! But now that Lilah is so social and wants to participate in everything, (even though she doesn't understand much of it yet), it was a lot of fun! Here are a few things we enjoyed...

The Crazy Kitchen - Lilah loves that dizzy feeling, I lost count on the number of times we walked/stumbled through it. You'll find a more accurate definition here on why we felt dizzy in the crazy kitchen!

Effects of Liquid Nitrogen - Very cool demonstration, about 20 minutes long and Lilah (at 2 years old) was captivated!

The Optical Light Area - Several dark tunnels and stairs with wild flashing optical lights, I mean for a child, does life get any better? I had a hard time keeping track of my girl!

I guess we'll be back, maybe sooner than we think! My photos are dreadful, I cannot seem to figure out how to shoot in the dark, without having to use the flash, but if you care to take a peek, there are some here.

fibre optics
science and technology museum

crazy kitchen
science and technology museum

liquid nitrogen
science and technology museum

she scores!
science and technology museum


  1. I actually think that your photos look cool- with all the bright colors! I immediately thought that you did great capuring a fun outing.

    Your sweet girl is adorable too!

  2. I think the photos are great! Looks like Miss Lilah had a fun time.

    Gin =)

  3. Lilah looks to be all into defending for Jacques Plante :)