Saturday, August 29, 2009

mama to ma-meee

So I think taking Lilah to the park, et cetera and her listening to (most of) the children shouting for their Mommies has influenced her a little. In the past week, I have been upgraded from Mama to Ma-meee. Yep, that's just how she says it, she hangs onto the e at the end for longer than necessary most times. It's funny, because the first time she said it, she gave me the cute look and grin that says 'I'm being funny here'. It sounds just as lovely as Mama and she sure is our funny girl! It's only a matter of time until she is otherwise influenced, and Baba becomes Da-deee. I don't think he likes that idea, at all! Here's a little movie of her saying Ma-meee and a few other things, I'd just love to bottle up her sweet little voice.

On another note, I took the following pictures yesterday. The second picture below is for those of you who only get to see the happy smiley pictures, and think our girl is all sunshine and roses. Ha-ha! That's some attitude from a tired girl, she wanted me to get her Piggy, but instead I was taking her picture. She has mastered 'the pout'! Oh and really, it is quite rare that she shows attitude, long may it continue. Of course, I'm also her (very biased) Ma-meee and I just think she's perfect!

cardy by joanne, attitude by lilah

cardy by joanne, attitude by lilah

cardy by joanne, attitude by lilah

a special thanks to Joanne for the beautiful hand-knit cardigan Lilah is wearing

[ more pictures here ]


  1. What a SWEET little voice she has! Oh, by all means capture as much of that on video as you can. One day it will be a priceless treasure to you!

    And I LOVE her cardigan! Does Joanne sell them by chance??...I would love to order one for our Khloe before we travel to bring her home! Absolutely gorgeous outfit on Miss Lilah!! :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Jill and Colin
    How time flies!! Lilah Grace is becoming more and more beautiful every day. Such a little lady! Your obviously enjoying every minute with her. Love to you all
    Pam & co x

  3. Oh my goodness, that video clip! She is the most precious little thing ever and has the sweetest little voice.

    Gin =)