Friday, August 28, 2009

over nine months

We've been home together, as a family, for over nine months now.
Nine whole months.
Three quarters of a year.
Did someone hit the fast forward button?

A picture of our sweet daughter for each month, December '08 - August '09.
We are so very much in love with you, Lilah Grace.

9 mths together: dec 08 - aug 09


  1. 9 Months? I can't believe how much she's grown and changed! Amazing.

    I'm in tears reading this. She's so beautiful...your family is so beautiful. :)

  2. 9 beautiful pictures of time going all too quickly I'm sure! Isn't it funny how we long for them to come home and time seems to drag while we wait and then as you say, once they're home it goes all too quickly. I haven't experienced this yet but know it will happen the same way for me.

    Congras on 9 wonderful months together!!

  3. What a sweet angel!! Congrats on the nine month mark!!

  4. Wow, Jill, these are Awesome!
    Miss Lila

  5. WHat a beautiful collection of images of Lilah. She radiates joy in every photo. That is from being so love!

  6. Amazing. What a gorgeous little girl.

    Congratulations on 9 months together!!

  7. This collage is a GREAT idea and beautifully designed...I hope you don't mind if I "steal" your idea and create a similar collage for my daughter's 3rd birthday in October!

    Lilah is such a cutie and I can only imagine her personality is as colorful as your photos of her!