Wednesday, April 8, 2009

baking fairy cakes

baking fairy cakes

baking fairy cakes

The box says 'MR MEN and LITTLE MISS cup cake kit' and I bought it when we were in N.Ireland, so I don't know why it says cup cake? ...because you see we call them fairy cakes over there. In fact, Lilah's grandparents (who are from the old country) also call her a fairy whenever she does something cute. It's a sweet little name and she suits it well. So Little Miss Fairy and I made fairy cakes today since it was another cold snowy day. I am not a baker at all, but since everything is in the box and all we needed was an egg, some butter and water, I figured we couldn't go wrong. Lilah just loves sitting up on the work top watching and participating - mostly licking the spoon! One thing I do find comical is that she can't stand getting 'dirty'. She asks to get her hands cleaned every time one of them gets a tiny little speck of something on it. She's a girl after my own heart!

My Mum used to make these fairy cakes when we were children, we called them butterfly cakes and I used to think they were the best thing ever, actually now that I think about it, I still do! For more pictures of Lilah baking, the slideshow is here or the thumbnails are here.


  1. That looks like a cute cupcake kit!

  2. What cute little cupcakes! It looks like Lilah thoroughly enjoyed herself! Very cute:)

  3. I am a "lurker" on your blog! I have followed your journey since referral of your daughter. It caught my eye because you are Canadian, she is a waiting child and her name. We were matched through FOI in January and will get our daughter (also Lilah) in May! Just wanted to say hi!

  4. Oh Miss Lilah those are GRAND Fairy Cakes! You brought back such a fond memory for me of a time when we were living in Ireland. Our friend invited us over to have Fairy Cakes since it was our first week in Tipperary. My hubby and girls were so excited to go and expected, of course, CAKES! We arrived to see these beautiful little cupcakes on the table and kept waiting for our host to bring out the CAKES1 We had such a grand time in Ireland and I hope to share some of them with you.
    Ilana 6yr. and I just LOVE your dress and pinafore. Do you know where your mommy got it? Did she make it? So cute!
    We're so glad you're feeling OK now. Have a lovely week-end.

    Hugs and Kisses

    Miss Lila in Atlanta AKA Nannie
    Miss Ilana age 6
    Miss Sadie age 3

  5. Oh my word.... she is the cutest little chef and those little cakes are too cute.

    Easter Blessings to you and your family!!!!


  6. Little Miss fairy in pink you are to to cute just like the icing on the cake.
    Such a sweet confection-Granddaughter.
    Have a lovely Easter.
    All our LOVE Nono & Papie xxx

    These little buns are called in Ireland- Queen Cakes
    Fairy Cakes
    Butterfly Cakes-these have the tops cut off cream added and the top cut in two and added as wings. Enjoy!!