Friday, April 3, 2009


Rosemary Thompson (from CTV) joined us at the open door society playgroup today. Actually Rosemary attends playgroup now and again with her own adopted daughter from China, however this time it was for work purposes. It was with regards to adoptive parents feelings on the denial of Madonnas recent quest to adopt a Malawi daughter. If you watched the 6 o'clock news tonight you would have seen one of the Mommies in our playgroup give her feelings on the subject. You can check it out here.




  1. Good afternoon from rainy Georgia,
    I tend to agree with the government of S. Africa. i read many, many blogs of adoptive parents and cry with them as they wait sometimes three years for their children. which I wish I understood why it takes so long after someone has been approved. I mean there are so many children that need adopting. I just don't get it.
    So I think that Madonna truly believes since she is rich and famous she can reach in and take what she wants in front of everyone else. I don't think her reasons are selfish in fact just the opposite. It take a very unselfish person to adopt a child, but I think she goes about it in the wrong way. Just my humble opinion.

    Miss Lilah, I hope you are feeling better now. I remember when my two girls were little I cried when it time for their shots and i cried when they got their shots and I cried when they had their reactions. Actually they did better than I did. LOL
    I've since done a lot of research on vaccinations and I'm not too sure I would do it again if I had the choice. It's tough. I just don't know what I'd do. You've got a brave mama.

    Have a great week and God Bless You All.

    Miss Lila in Atlanta
    Miss Ilana 6
    Miss Sadie 3

  2. I watched the video and wish I had seen you and lil Lilah!

  3. I LOVE this photo...well actually ALL OF THEM!! But the bubbles make it kind of magical!!!