Thursday, April 2, 2009

immunization reaction

chicken noodle soup thru a straw
'drinking chicken noodle soup through a straw'

Do you remember the two immunizations Lilah got on Tuesday past? Well, it seems she did in fact have a reaction to one of them. I was so taken up with the new tooth that it took a while for me to realize she had other pain. One of the shots (I'm pretty sure it is the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio one) seems to have seized one of her thighs and yesterday after her nap she could hardly walk it was so painful. There is a big hard lump under the skin where it was administered. I guess I never noticed because she was either in the stroller or I was carrying her around all morning. Anyway, I made a quick call to telehealth yesterday evening and they said what she's going through is pretty normal. The registered nurse told me to give her pain relief every 4 hours until she's feeling better.

Thankfully she is much better today and has a lot of her usual spunk back. She is still limping a little and a bit staggered, but at least she can actually walk without wincing in pain. I hope the next two vaccines (in four weeks time) don't have the same effect, or I will feel like the guiltiest Mum on the block!


  1. Jill,
    You may also want to try warm compresses. We see immunization reactions occasionally in our office and our MD's usually recommend this along with tylenol or motrin. Hope she's feeling better soon.

    Gin =)

  2. hey jill dont worry as mums we constantly feel guilty about missing something!! amy had a burst ear drum last week and i hadnt noticed, has loss of hearing and i thought she was just ignoring me!!

    Lilah looks happy and i hope she gets over her teething and immunisations soon, pain relief will do the trick but sometimes may cause constipation. i have sent over a gift for her 2nd birthday hope she likes it.

    much love


  3. Thanks Gin! Good idea on the warm compresses. Lilah is all better now. I guess I never really thought much about it, but I had no idea immunizations could or would be painful, other than the little stab of the needle.

    I'm learning!

  4. Hey Sharon! Thanks for the heads-up, I thought the bad eating habits from her teething lately were effecting her bum! I can't believe you sent her another gift, that is just too kind. Do you notice the pinafore you bought her in a lot of pictures? I am constantly being asked where I got it! :) It's just so sweet on her!

    Take care and talk soon.
    Jill xx

  5. Jill.....I am not sure how the health care system is in Canada but I have really spread Kate's immunizations out quite a bit so that her body has a good amount of time (an de her immune system) to bounce back before another one. So she is a little behind schedule but our docs think that is just fine. hope she is better soon:)