Monday, April 6, 2009

oh no, not snow again

Yep, it's snowing today. Lilah seems pretty excited about the idea of gardening, however the weather is not cooperating at all. She will have to stick to raking and digging her cherrios for a while longer, which is exactly what she was doing this morning! She is back to herself one hundred percent, with a massive appetite to boot. We are all very happy and thankful.

a snowy monday

a snowy monday


  1. Wow what a difference in her expression from Friday to Monday… can definitely see Lilah is feeling a lot better. Even with the bubbles she did not look too enthusiastic… were you catching those bubbles before they fell on your clean floors…we all know how meticulous you are ;)

  2. lilah looks alot happier Jill which is great to see that smile on her face again.

    Wow snow in april we just have april showers for the easter holidays.

    thinking of you all

    love sharon, amy and alyson