Friday, April 10, 2009

good friday: hot cross buns & the farm

good friday (hot cross buns)

Is anyone else too lazy to pick up their hot cross bun and eat it? Funny thing is, it wasn't about being lazy at all, every time Lilah picked the bun up, she got icing on her fingers, so she decided not to pick it up for that very reason! I think I've mentioned before that she's fussy!

Today we spent a few hours at the farm, we are one of the only cities (that I know) with a farm right in the middle of it. There were some fun things happening there today for the children, so we went for a few hours. One of those hours was spent in the queue, it seemed that every other family had the same idea! Since we waited so long we decided to become members. We live downtown and it's about a 5 minute drive for us, so we figured we'll use it quite often this summer. I'm not sure if Lilah overly enjoyed the farm, a combination of the cold wind and the crowds was maybe a little much. She didn't complain, but to be honest there were more smiles when we got out of there! I think the wind wheel she is holding was more fun than anything else, another dollar store item that provides endless entertainment! Oh yes, she liked the cute little chicks too, it's to bad she couldn't hold one, now THAT would have been a deal maker, I think!

good friday (the farm)

good friday (the farm)

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  1. GOodness gracious she is cute. LOVE the polka dot coat!

    Happy Easter!

  2. LOVE these pics of your beautiful little Lilah. BTW your bracelet should arrive soon, mailed it Tuesday.

    Gin =)

  3. That is too funny that she figured that she would not hold onto the bun and get her hands sticky. Would love to be able to see the thought process in her quick young mind, cute and smart...not a bad combination :).
    Good thing Lilah wasn't able to hold the chicks as you more than likely would have had a few of them hopping out of her pockets when you all got home lol