Thursday, January 23, 2014

marriage, babies, adoption...

So my Lilah girl told me tonight that I'm the only Mom she's ever wanted - bless her sweet heart - she's told me this same thing several times now. She went on to say that when she gets married she wants to live with me in our house, because she loves our house... or at the very least next door, she said, so we can be neighbours!

To which I responded: "Oh that would be wonderful, then when you have a baby I get to be a Grandma and I'll be able to see my Grandchild ALL the time!"

She thought about that for a second and then said: "Oh, I hope I don't adopt!"

Hmm, I asked, "Why?"

She replied: "Because an adopted baby would be too heavy to carry!"

Haha! I think she slipped back (from being older and married) to being 6 years old and having a hard time carrying a 2 year old (Phebe!), as opposed to a newborn! Speaking of a newborn, we met up with our good friends a couple of months ago and Lilah fell in love with their little newborn, baby Irene. Seriously, afterwards she asked me if we could get a baby just like Irene. (see photos below)

Love that girl of mine... she's going to be the best Mommy some day.

meeting baby irene

On another note, I had no idea how choked up I would get seeing Lilah hold little Irene. It just brought these floods of thoughts and emotions of when Lilah was a baby, possibly looking similiar (Irene's Mom is Chinese and Dad is Malaysian) and that I didn't know her during that stage in her life.

It was an emotional moment. Phew. Kinda still is.


  1. She will be a great mother and you will be a great grandmother! That baby is adorable… a little peek into the future...

  2. Sending you a big hug from across the pond.........I can sense the emotion in your last paragraph Jill.

    And I completely understand, children are such blessings aren't they? And then throw "adoption" in there too and I just melt :)

    Ps wouldnt be the least surprised if your Lilah DOES end up living next door BTW!

  3. What a beautiful baby! And such a cute name!

    I know what you mean about the thought of our children having birth children someday ... I too long to see Claire and Ren's faces reflected in a newborn. That said, I'd be thrilled if they chose to adopt too. That is currently their plans - as long as their respective spouses agree! They are both adamant that they will not partake in the activity required for birth children!

  4. Lilah is so precious and honest. lol. Yes, toddlers are a bit harder to carry, even for us grown ups. lol

    One of the things I really treasure are the "newborn" photos I have of Madeline and Havi. I have a photo of Madeline at approximately two weeks and a photo of Havi at one week. I treasure them, especially the one of Havi with her foster mom. It makes me sad, though, that the earliest photo I have of Caleb is from when he was eleven months old. :(