Sunday, January 5, 2014

christmas holidays, this 'n' that

We had a wonderful Christmas break. I thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks together, as a family... relaxing, eating, just enjoying our time together. I can hardly believe school starts back again tomorrow. Yikes!

I'm definitely not ready for routine again, even though I do normally thrive on routine! It's just the bitter cold weather we've been having lately, oh my, I am not a fan! The idea of dragging the girls out in it 3-4 times a day, is not a pleasant one. We booked a trip to Cuba over the holidays and I printed off a January calendar page and put it on the fridge so the girls can put an X to mark off each day, as they count down to our trip. Right now we're standing at 21 more days to go. We can do this! The thought of sun, sand and warm seawater is so enticing right now.

We did a few other things over the Christmas holidays that I haven't noted on the blog, so here we go...

new years eve

After Bible Study on New Years Eve, we brought the girls to a 24 hour diner for strawberry milkshakes and poutine!
Then we did a 11pm countdown to the New Year, before they headed off to bed. It was a fun, energizing evening with two slightly hyper girls!


2013 blurb book 2013 blurb book 2013 blurb book 2013 blurb book 2013 blurb book

I got my '2013 - our year in pictures' blurb book in the mail, and I'm in love! Seriously.
See maybe there ARE benefits to cold weather and staying indoors a lot! Ha!


1000 piece - Christmas tradition!

Another annual Christmas tradition, completing a puzzle.
This one was 1000 pieces and delicious enough to eat!


'duck' tape wallets! 'duck' tape wallets! 'duck' tape wallets! 'duck' tape wallets!

I bought the girls a roll of 'duck' tape each, for their stockings.
This item was on Lilah's Christmas wishlist. A friend in school brought in a duct tape wallet one day and she hasn't stopped talking about it since.
So here I was, making duct tape wallets, the newest craze!
To say they were elated, would be a huge understatement. I love seeing them so happy over something so small!


  1. I love all your photos of your beauties! Can't wait to read the post on the gorgeous book (when you have time!)

  2. I love blurb too, and you have inspired me to get busy making my 2013 books!

    Love the wallets!

  3. Emma loves making things with duck tape too. About a month ago she made a wallet too. So cute. Looks like your girls turned out awesome!!!!