Friday, January 17, 2014

a little mama/daughter time!

Lilah had a PD day (off school) today. Since Phebe was heading to her usual Friday afternoon preschool (Kidz in Sportz) for 2 hours, I decided that Lilah and I could walk up the street to the local 'Mud Oven', a paint-it-yourself ceramics studio, for some one-on-one time. We don't get nearly enough of that these days.

Lilah chose a cutie little elephant to paint, and well, I'm sure you'll see from the photos... she has that same concentrated look since the day she joined our family. Whatever task Lilah takes on, she puts her all into it. It was a fun time and she really enjoyed herself.

Earlier that day she had an appointment with the Ophthalmologist at CHEO, who told her she was seeing and reading perfectly (in fact, the best she ever has - with her glasses on, of course!), then we went to Tim Hortons to celebrate! We came home for a couple of hours before walking up to the Mud Oven, and finally we walked over to the Rideau Canal and spent 2 hours skating, which was then followed by supper at our local Thai restaurant. The girls were just as worn out as me by the time 7pm rolled around!

Lilah proclaimed it the best day of her whole life! And that's what makes my job THE BEST!

the mud oven the mud oven the mud oven the mud oven the mud oven


  1. What concentration Jill! Your house is going to be full of those little figures by the time the girls leave home ;0

    1. Don't even say that out loud Debbie! It isn't good for my OCD! Haha!

  2. So cute! I will have to plan a date like this with my girls! Looks like fun!

  3. Adorable. :)