Monday, May 21, 2012

victoria day

This past weekend was Victoria Day weekend.

It was a lovely weekend, on Friday I volunteered in Lilah class in the morning and afterwards my hubby and I went out to a little local restaurant and celebrated his birthday, which is later this week! On Saturday and Sunday our Church had a conference and we had a wonderful time, listening to God's word being ministered and enjoying fellowship with other believers.

This morning there was a soccer game arranged, Lilah and I went along to watch Baba play, but ended up playing in the park, which was much more exciting, of course! The weather was beyond amazing and by the time we got home from the park it was around 31°C. Indeed, that calls for some emergency cooling off! I pulled out the paddling pool and filled it up with some sleepy lavendar bubble bath. The bubbles were a big hit and they led to even more bubbles! I did a spot of gardening and later on that afternoon Lilah got to jump into a much deeper pool - our (very kind) neighbours invited all the neighbourhood kids over for a splash in their pool and us adults got to dine on some delicious pizza! It was the perfect end to a holiday weekend, seeing 10 little kiddies splashing about in the pool, laughing and having the time of their lives. I wish I'd taken my camera along to capture the joy.

Sigh. Such a perfect weekend. I'd just love to hit the 'repeat' button!

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