Sunday, May 27, 2012

the sweet face of determination

the art of blowing up a balloon!

A couple of weeks ago, Lilah arrived home proclaiming with much awe that her friend could blow up a balloon!

Her question to me was whether she could do the same?

So of course I had to go poking around in the basement to come up with a balloon... which happened to be from a packet of leftovers from her 2nd birthday! She blew and blew and blew until she could blow no more. If nothing else, Lilah is as determined as a child will ever be. Thankfully her determination energy is channelled in a good way - otherwise this parenting gig would be much harder than she's made it for us! Anyway, her determination has paid off - she is now a qualified balloon blower and can be found at any given moment, blowing up her yellow "#2" balloon.

Today she asked me if it was possible that I could buy her some new balloons with #5 on them. I'm pretty sure we can work something out, especially since she's turning 5 in just TWO days!

I have to laugh at some of the crazy faces she pulls when blowing up that balloon!

the art of blowing up a balloon! the art of blowing up a balloon!

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  1. That first photo where she has her leg draped over the other so elegantly made me smile, Jill. Your daughter is quite the little lady my friend!

  2. grace halliday28 May, 2012

    I too love her sitting with her legs crossed! 5 going on 15!!!

  3. She is sooooooo darn cute! LOVE these photo's!
    God Bless,

  4. Omg, she is the cutest thing! And the photos are gorgeous, full of color and life. Beautiful!

  5. Oh these are precious!!!!

    I love her determination and the fact she's having so much fun too! Priceless.

  6. She is very much a little lady and growing so quickly! Such great photos of a simple moment.

  7. LOVE everyone of these...oh my word! I think my favorite is the one of her with crossed legs, such a little lady.

  8. Love all Lilah's expressions. She is way to cute for words. Hope you guys have a wonderful week:)


  9. Adorable! That first photo is perfect in every way.

  10. OH my word those are some serious cute shoes!

    I have real trouble with balloon blowing my cheeks hurt when I blow them up. This girl has talent!


  11. I love how she finds great joy in the everyday things in life, this is a gift unto itself!

  12. I too love her determination...she is a beautiful young lady with a strong spirit that comes out in your photo's.

  13. She is positively adorable... can't believe she's only 4 and so very poised! Even blowing up a balloon :)
    LOVE these, Jill. You are such a gifted photographer!

  14. That geogous girlie of yours does not give up easily, does she?! I agree with Stefanie, I smiled at how poised and lady-like she looks in these shots. And I love her outfit and how it matches your pretty flowers.

    Gin =)

  15. Jill, this series of her is SO ADORABLE!!!

    I love that in her face she is so determined, yet she is still crossing her legs like a perfect little lady!!

    Congrats on being this week's well deserved!! You have really been rockin that camera.