Thursday, May 24, 2012

the great outdoors

Lilah loves being outdoors. From the minute she arrived home from China she's being an outdoors girl.

Some of her favourite activites on a daily basis include:
: finding and collecting rocks
: sticks and twigs - generally she has several of these in her backpack, which I believe she picks up on her walk between school and kindercare
: bugs, finding and capturing them in her bug cage - yes, she totally picks them up with her fingers..ugh!
: gardening and watering the flowers

Today, as per her usual routine, she had thrown her school bag through the front door and was out on the front porch watering the flowers, chasing down some poor harmless bug for her bug cage, trying to catch flies with her butterfly net and playing with her rock collection...

These sunny days are just perfect - winter is thankfully, a very distant memory!


  1. Don't you love this time of year?!! Lilah and Kerry would get along fantastically I think. I'm impressed, though, that Lilah will actually pick up the bugs! That's where Kerry draws the fact she seems to have developed an and phobia.

    Gin =)

  2. Anonymous25 May, 2012

    Ugh - she is SO cute. I'm glad she (and you) are enjoying the clip - it really looks sweet on her. And I adore Mani Mina's clothes and patterns.

  3. Pure cuteness by Lilah? Absolutely.......she has it in tonnes!

    You sound like you are enjoying too. Our village is throwing themselves into the party spirit.........Queens Jubilee next weekend!
    Today we are making "red white and blue hats" for the kids....I wish I had your "crafty girl" to help us :)

  4. I love summer too! She is one brave girl, mine would never touch bugs! Sounds like you have a little gardner!

  5. super cute this little Miss Lilah!


  6. She is SO SO CUTE!!! I say that all the time, but gosh, her personality just jumps off the page!!! Love the dress..... that is one of my fav mani mina patterns:)

    Happy Weekend to you and yours~



  7. Awesome! Mine are afraid of bugs, much to my chagrin.