Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the birthday girl

The birthday girl is FIVE!

I think it's safe to say it was one of the best days of Lilah's little life so far!

Her actual 'friends' birthday party won't be until June 23rd. The paint splatter art studio that I suggested and she really liked the sound of, I tried to book it over a month ago and the closest Saturday available was June 23rd... crazy!

She woke up to a bedroom full of balloons and also the helium ballons were a surprise. We had decorated while she slept and I think if we'd left it at that, she'd have thought it was a pretty amazing day! It's the simple things in life, when you're only 5 years old! She brought cupcakes for all her Junior Kindergarten friends to share, she was so happy! Her birthday was announced over the PA system and the teacher read her a special birthday story and gave her a card.

She asked for her birthday present to be a 'fast' scooter, like the older neighbour kiddies have - I'm afraid the pink "Radio Flyer" scooter just wasn't cutting it anymore - she said Phebe could have it now. Ha! Actually, when I asked her if she was SURE she wanted a scooter for her birthday, her reply to me was, "Well, actually, I'd like a motorized scooter!" Haha! Okay girly, now you're just pushing your luck! We did get a laugh over that though! She had her very favourite supper, lasagne, and for her cake, she loves Cars at the moment and Lightning McQueen is still a big favourite, so he made it onto the top of her cake this year! She loved that!

Happy 5th Birthday Lilah Grace. We love you so so much.

Also, a BIG thank you to our family and friends for all the beautiful presents, Lilah sure was spoiled!


  1. Happy Birthday Lilah! It looks like a great day with a lot of gifts. Lightning McQueen is a favourite here too!

  2. And now she has a sister to pass things down to........I have 4 sisters, who I regard as my best friends!
    I know your girls will be BFFs too :)

  3. Happy 5th Birthday, Lilah!

    All those presents scream "LOVED" to me.

    Love your birthday shirt, too! So cute.

  4. What a perfect birthday! Love the piggy clock and the fact that she's got such a pretty cake with a racecar on top (reminds me of someone else, he hee). Next birthday she'll get to celebrate with her lil' sis!!

    Gin =)

  5. Happy Birthday Lilah !!

  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!! xoxo!!

  7. Anonymous01 June, 2012

    Happy birthday and a blessed year for you little princesse Lilah.

  8. Oups: Zoé-Samuelle and her family!

  9. Anonymous03 June, 2012

    aaawn love! her blowing the candle, sweet thing!
    I hope you had a fun birthday, God bless her
    loveu babie!