Saturday, January 21, 2012

year of the dragon

Are you ready for Chinese New Year? It's on Monday 23rd January this year!

We are so ready, we even have a (5ft!) dragon in the house, that I picked up in Walmart! He has been thrilling Lilah to no end - together, they've been reading stories, playing games, eating cookies, etc. You name it, he's involved! He even had the cold at one stage today, which I realized after half a box of tissues had vanished!

I think it's obvious that they're getting along famously! Especially seeing the photo below of them hugging and wearing matching glasses, Lilah's idea!

CNY - year of the dragon CNY - year of the dragon CNY - year of the dragon CNY - year of the dragon


  1. Lilah looks beautiful in her pink silks, and that dragon is awesome! I've never seen anything like that in our local Walmart.

    Gin =)

  2. I love it! I saw the dragon at our Walmart and thought… what would I do with it? It's a great idea to just let them play with it! I love her imagination and creativity… she really needs a sibling to share those glasses with, that new addition is going to get a lot of attention by their big sister!

  3. Lilah and her dragon look like quite the pair!

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  4. too funny! love that Walmart dragon!

    enjoy the festivities!


  5. I love that her dragon had a cold! We too, find that the kleenex goes missing for the many babies that have runny noses!

    I love how her imagination works!