Saturday, January 7, 2012

our 'crafty' girl!

sand craft

Lilah loves crafts! Me, not so much! I very much dislike the clean-up job that follows crafts!

So usually we do non messy crafts together and I leave the messy crafts to school! Heh! Anyway, Lilah got this craft for Christmas and has basically been begging me to open it for her since she got it. The craft kindly came from a couple in our Church who Lilah refers to as Nana & Bompie. Their grandchildren call them that, so Lilah has taken to calling them the same.

Lilah absolutely loved doing this sand craft yesterday. She said she was making the princess dress look like a rainbow.

Judging by the success of this craft, there'll be more sand art in our future!

I should also mention that the dress Lilah is wearing in these pictures was handmade by Robin at 'red thread stitches'. She's one of my favourite people, she has an incredible heart for the Lord and for children in China. And her sewing is also incredible. This dress is called 'Caiti Belles Christmas'. Check out her beautiful clothes here and check out a better view of the dress here.


  1. I know I'm always saying this, but Lilah is such a beautiful girl!! Her sand art is perfect. I have TONS of bottles from when I did that as a kid. They are in a closet now, but still special to me. Can't wait to see some photos from your trip! xoxo Brooke

  2. I'm with you on the crafts!! I sometimes feel bad that I loathe them so :) sand art, I may be able to handle!!

  3. That sand art looks like fun!

    And, Robin just happens to be one of my favourite people. Not to mention her creative side. She is an amazing lady!


  4. She did a great job on her craft! Kerry and I do "crafty" things together but that sand would have made me nervous, too. Not a big fan of glitter either. I love these photos of your beautiful girl and I love her dress.

    Gin =)

  5. I feel the same way about crafts… but that one looks okay… it is very pretty! And so is the dress.

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  7. This is my FaVoUrItE colour and I just adore it on LG (: huggs to all missing you much Nono & mum xxxx

  8. Love your "crafty girl".... She is just adorable!!!

    The new dress compliments of Robin is fabulous!!! You know I adore her and her work.

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope 2012 is filled with lots of blessings:)



  9. Love the colors of the dress and sand art! My girls love sand art too but unfortunately no matter how hard we try to completely fill it, it always ends up mixing together!