Thursday, January 12, 2012

she loves the snow!

snowy days

Oh yes she does! She loves the snow!

We got our fair share of snow today. There's more to come tonight and tomorrow or so Lilah told me (with GLEE!) after Kindercare today! She said her teacher told her that!

When we got home, we shovelled the drive together. Then she got her sleigh and even though it's twice her size, she is able to manage it up the snowy little hill on our front (postage stamp) lawn and slide down! She was SO happy, her and those sweet rosy cheeks! They were even more rosy when we were sitting inside drinking hot chocolate when it was all over!

Today is also a special day. 12 years ago today we arrived in Ottawa, Canada, all ready to start a new chapter in our lives. We absolutely love it here, crazy weather and all!


  1. Oh my, does she ever! Look at that happy little face! That sure looks like a lot of snow. We hardly ever see that much down here.

    Gin =)

  2. She does love the snow! I am glad it will be a short winter this year, since it started so late…

    I love that she toboggans in your front yard.

  3. Oh my she looks so happy and looks like she is having so much fun!!!!! Too cute in that little snowsuit!

  4. Its great to see Lilah enjoying her day in the snow :-) I bet NI seems a long time ago now you are home and back in the swing of a Canadian winter! We have had no snow at all (yet!). As you said in your recent posts the weather here has been unusally mild. I for one am glad, but sadly I'm outnumbered. Mark bought Gracie a double sledge (for him & her!) at Christmas along with a wee pair of pink snow boots....they are right by the front door waiting on the first sight of snow!!

  5. well I for one am so glad you came to Canada!


  6. Looks like she's having a blast in the snow. My girls have the same sled, but you guys have a lot more snow!

  7. I love her little sledding hill :)