Sunday, January 22, 2012

her chinese silks

Chinese New Year - 2012

There is something very special about Chinese silks.

Being a Mama to Lilah this last three years, sometimes I tend to forget that she's Chinese, that she was born in China and that China and being Chinese is a huge part of who she is.

To me she's simply, my daughter, my girl, my sweetheart.

But the moment she wears her silks, I can't help but think how exquisite she looks in them. When she's wearing them it makes me think more deeply, because I remember back to shopping for them in China: I remember the sights, the smells, the shops, the people, the incredible history of China. When I look at Lilah wearing her Cheongsam, I feel more deeply for her heritage. And of course, I worry that I'm not keeping her heritage 'alive' enough.

Today, after Church, she told us that she didn't need to say 'Happy Chinese New Year' to Chinese people, just people who aren't Chinese! She said "You just say 'Happy New Year' to Chinese people, because they understand it's Chinese!"

I love her reasoning!

Happy New Year my beautiful girl.
I'm ridiculously in love with you.


  1. So precious!! Happy New Year!!! Can't wait to see all that the dragon has in store for your beautiful family!!! Xoxo!!

  2. Happy New Year in the year of the dragon, Jill!!! She's just precious in her blue silks!

  3. Happy New Year! She looks exquisite in her silks!

  4. Happy New Year! I understand the whole looking at them and not seeing the Chinese in them... they are just are beloved daughters. How amazing!

  5. she looks amazing in her blue silks.

    This post is incredible.

    Happy CNY!


  6. Lilah looks absolutely georgeous in her dark blue pretty.
    I know exactly what you mean about the traditional dressese bringing up som many thoughts and emotions and memories of China. I love her reasoning, too..she so smart!

    Gin =)